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MusiKiwi is an encyclopedia of various techniques concerning mixing, mastering, composition, and other computer music centered techniques and tools. This wiki is visible to the general public internet, but editing pages is restricted to the registered users. Editing is done by a private group of friends--do not expect to get an account unless I know you personally, but you may feel free to browse our information.

MusiKiwi is a Wiki powered by the MediaWiki software package, which is what the world famous online encyclopedia Wikipedia uses.

MusiKiwi is a play on words, mainly the German word for music (Musik) concatinated with kiwi (the fruit), which is the transpose of wi and ki, which spell wiki.

Music Contents

This section serves to index the major categories contained in this wiki.


Cakewalk Sonar DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) tips and tricks.






Server Administration

This section includes topics related to administering computers used for music. Topics include not only setting up optimal systems for music rigs, but also subjects related to content management systems such as forums (or this wiki) or other general server configuration tasks.

How do I edit a page?

Only registered users can edit. If you are a registered user, most pages can be edited in one of two ways:

  1. Full page edit: click the tab with the link 'edit' at the top of the page
  2. Section edit: click the link 'edit' to the right of each major section heading

Some pages cannot be edited by anybody but the administrator.


For the most part, the MediaWiki standard formatting is used. If you are familiar with editing on, this format will be familiar to you because MediaWiki is used for both Wikipedia and this wiki. It is guaranteed that these formatting features will work:


Templates are like macros and make advanced formatting accessible to even beginner wiki editors. It is generally really easy to use a template. Although the above formatting rules will work for this wiki, not all templates that are available on MediaWiki or Wikipedia are available on this site. As each wiki website generally creates custom tailored templates, the list below will serve to document what templates are supported here. Registered users are free to create their own and add them to this list.

For detailed instructions of how to use these templates, follow the links below. A short example of each template is given to the right of each link.

Note: This note has a picture of a light bulb and can be used to interject an illuminating idea :)
Warning Warning: I'm warning you, don't do this! Don't do it! Just DON'T! NO!

Template Tutorial

Whereas using templates is quite easy, creating new ones can be tricky. For a tutorial on how to create your own templates for use on this website, see MediaWiki Template Help.


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